California mom launches ‘free to wear pink’ campaign for kids

California mom launches 'free to wear pink' campaign for kids (Image 1)

A stay-at-home mom started a kids’ clothing line of her own when she noticed her son was conforming to society’s ideas of what boys should wear.

Martine Zoer launched the line to let all kids know they are “free to wear pink,” reports ABC News, which is the message behind her clothes.

“I want to change society to be more accepting,” she said. “Once kids get to school age, something kind of changes. They get exposed to what society says we should be doing.”

Zoer founded Quirkie Kids last April after raising $2,500 through a campaign on Kickstarter.

The clothing line features pink and purple t-shirts and onesies designed for both boys and girls, each emblazoned with an image of an animal or something else kid-like.

Zoer told ABC she started getting emails from mothers whose daughters like space and dinosaurs, but all they could find were traditionally girly clothes.

Quirky Kids, however, solved that problem with the different designs they offer.

“A lot of boys like the pink, but once they get to a certain age, they don’t want to wear it anymore,” Zoer said. “And that’s what inspired me.”

After receiving such positive feedback for her clothes, the California mom decided to go a step further with a #freetowearpink social media campaign.

“It’s not just about boys wearing pink or girls wearing a dinosaur shirt,” she explained, “but kids just expressing themselves through their clothing and expressing their uniqueness.”

Zoer said it even applies to parents, too, because sometimes her children will pick something out she doesn’t really like, “but it’s like, ‘Okay, you can go out wearing a Spider-man costume or one rain boot and one shoe.’”

She is now encouraging parents to post photos of their kids’ outfits to social media outlets with the hashtag “freetowearpink.”

Check out her Facebook page or website for more information.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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