Team, boosters help raise money for Stewarts Creek H.S. practice field

Team, boosters help raise money for Stewarts Creek H.S. practice field (Image 1)

Stewarts Creek High School in Rutherford County finally has a practice field for its football team.

Boosters and members of the football team helped raise money to build the field that sits next to the football stadium.

“It’s ours, something we can call ours,” said Stewarts Creek quarterback Mason Hall. “Something we didn’t have last year, so to work for it and fundraise for it, it’s something we all looked forward to. It’s something we own.”

Last year the team had to share a practice field with Stewarts Creek Middle School.

The new field cost $30,000 and was paid for by boosters.

“It’s all about the money,” said head coach David Martin. “The money has got to be there to create that, and it’s not a cheap operation.”

People close to the football program said other Rutherford County schools had their practice fields paid for by the county.

County Commissioner Carol Cook told News 2 budgets differ from 2000 when Blackman High opened to when Stewarts Creek was built, which was just last year.

Cook explained the priority of Rutherford County is to provide the best school for students to learn and that things like practice fields will be up to the community to provide.

He said the county spared few expenses for Stewarts Creek High School, and it is the nicest school in the system.

“And the next school we build will be the same,” Cook said.

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