Summer Pattern To Continue With Occasional Cool Downs

We have been in a pattern this summer that has produced significant cool downs in between the heat and humidity.  The most memorable ones were 4th of July Weekend, and then last week (July 15-19). See 1st graphic.

Last week we tied a record low Wednesday morning, and broke the record for the coolest high temp on Friday.

But there have been other fronts from this pattern that have shifted the winds to north and reduced the humidity.

When you look at the upper level winds, the troughs of low pressure (valley shaped) bring the cooler air, and the ridges of high pressure (ridge or mountain shaped) bring warm temperatures.

The forecasted pattern for this Thursday features a weak trough in the eastern half of the U. S. (including the mid south). This will bring a slight cool down and relief from the humidity then. See 2nd graphic.

Next week, a much stronger trough will drop in bringing a much cooler push similar to 4th of July Weekend and last week. See 3rd graphic.

Yes, we are getting our share of heat and humidity, but the but these “breaks” have been quite welcome!

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