Non-profit transforms donated wedding dresses into ‘angel gowns’

Non-profit transforms donated wedding dresses into 'angel gowns' (Image 1)

A Texas non-profit organization is transforming donated wedding dresses into beautiful “angel gowns” for stillborn babies.

NICU Helping Hands is based out of Fort Worth, Texas and was founded by Lisa Grubbs in 2013, ABC News reported.

The organization offers support to families grieving the loss of their baby by providing them with handmade burial gowns made by volunteer seamstresses.

“I watched so many families who had lost a baby sorting through donated clothing at the hospital, some of which was appropriate for final burial and pictures, some of it not,” Grubbs told ABC News.

She continued, “What really bothered me was watching them dig through those bins. It just seemed so disrespectful so I thought we should provide something to families that is respectful and that would fit their child.”

As of March, the organization has made over 12,000 angel gowns from around 3,000 donated wedding gowns.

A spokesperson added that each wedding dress makes between 12 to 20 angel gowns.

“People don’t like to talk about this. There’s nothing normal about a child dying, but what’s also heartwarming about this program is what it has done in bringing a voice to families who have lost a baby across generations. Many of them lost them in the NICU, many in stillbirths, many were early miscarriages and it’s given so many of them an opportunity to express their grief,” Grubbs said.

For more information on NICU Helping Hands visit their website.

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