Crews plan to scare pigeons from downtown NES substation

Crews plan to scare pigeons from downtown NES substation (Image 1)

With fears of a possible downtown power outage, pigeons at a Nashville Electric Service (NES) substation will soon get hit with what may be called the Big Boom Theory.

Officials said the pigeons are roosting at the central substation, which provides electricity for approximately one third of the downtown Nashville area.

Bird droppings, particularly from pigeons, often dot some of the huge breakers inside the substation.

Power crews say that, mixed with rainwater, the droppings can make an electrical connection, causing a giant short and instant outage downtown.

NES is proactively trying to avoid any possible power outages and hope that a sound cannon, which produces a loud noise similar to firecrackers, will disrupt the pattern of the birds roosting at the substation.

“We have not experienced any recent power outages, but the potential is there because of the increased number of birds in the substation,” explained NES Operations Manager Jack Baxter.

He added, “The cannon should scare the pigeons and make them find someplace safer to roost.”

Crews have often cleaned the breakers of the droppings, but it’s been tough to keep up with the birds.

NES is expected to use the sound cannon between during the later evening hours for several weeks.

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