Church group’s trailer, irreplaceable Bibles destroyed in fire

Church group's trailer, irreplaceable Bibles destroyed in fire (Image 1)

A group of volunteers from Leoma Baptist Church in Leoma, Tennessee, were on their way home from a week-long mission trip in Brunswick, Georgia, Saturday when the trailer their truck was pulling caught fire.

Apparently a tire blew and the fire sparked because the trailer itself was dragging on the interstate. 

Several Good Samaritans, including truck drivers, stopped and used their fire extinguishers to put out the flames.

A Mennonite family also stopped to help and went 90 minutes out of their way to pull the burned trailer back to the church. 

The trailer was heavily damaged and many of personal items, including luggage and tools, were destroyed. 

Bibles belonging to children in the church group were also lost.

Pastor David Simmerman told News 2 the children are distraught because their Bibles have sentimental value and cannot be replaced.

“What really got to me was when students were looking for their Bibles. That’s really what moved me in a major way. They weren’t really concerned about their clothes and what they lost, they were looking for their Bibles and that just touched my heart to see that was one of their main concerns,” said Mahlon Fisher, the church’s youth pastor.

“A couple of students had tears in their eyes as they were looking for their Bibles. They didn’t want their suitcases; they wanted to see their bible cases,” he continued. 

The fire happened along Interstate 65 in Cullman, Alabama, about 90 miles south of Leoma, which is located in Lawrence County, approximately 85 miles south of Nashville.

The truck pulling the trailer had kids in it and there was a van full of church members traveling in front of it.  No one was hurt.

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