Boy with cancer stars as Godzilla in his own monster movie

Boy with cancer stars as Godzilla in his own monster movie (Image 1)

A five-year-old boy is about to star in his own Godzilla movie, complete with a red-carpet premiere in Chicago next month.

ABC News reports the little boy named Maddex is undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of cancer in the white blood cells, and told the Make-A-Wish foundation he wanted to be Godzilla.

The foundation brainstormed how to make his wish come true and finally came up with the idea of making a movie aptly titled “Madzilla,” starring Maddex as the 800-foot-tall lizard.

He got his first glimpse of himself as Madzilla in front of a green screen in Chicago on Saturday.

Parts of the film are even being taped in his own home with his parents, two sisters and cousin all having roles to play.

One scene that took place on a closed-off Chicago street even featured 100 volunteers and extras who played people running with fear from Madzilla, who was stomping through downtown Chicago.

SLIDESHOW: Maddex as Madzilla

Stephanie Springs, the CEO of Make-A-Wish Illinois, told ABC News his parents have been talking about the joy that they’re seeing in their child again.

“Like, ‘OH, there’s my body again. There’s the joy I remember in my little guy Maddex,’” Springs recalled.

Springs was one of a handful of Make-A-Wish staffers who reached out to creative forces across Chicago to help with the pro-bono effort.

“Madzilla” is set to premiere next month.

The movie will include a three-minute extended trailer and a 15-minute documentary that chronicles Maddex’s experience with Make-A-Wish.

The five-year-old was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April 2013.

According to ABC News, his health is stable, but he still a ways to go for treatments.

Click here to follow Maddex’s journey as Madzilla.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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