Bobcat seen roaming Cool Springs neighborhood

Bobcat seen roaming Cool Springs neighborhood (Image 1)
Bobcat seen roaming Cool Springs neighborhood (Image 1)

An unwelcome guest has been spotted several times in an upscale neighborhood in Franklin.

Home alarms and iron fences at The Enclave at Carronbridge in Cool Springs have not been enough to keep this intruder away: a bobcat.

The Homeowners Association sent an email blast to all of the residents last Friday urging caution, particularly with small pets.

“We got the email,” said resident Dave Kjos. “My wife and I walk every night and we have not seen anything. Obviously, a little concern; we don’t want anyone hurt or anyone’s pets injured.”

Resident Theresa Depriest told News 2 she was out walking her 11-month-old poodle not far from a recent sighting.

She said she isn’t too nervous because she thinks her dog could handle himself,

“I don’t have children, so I understand why people would be fearful, though,” she added.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the bobcat is one of the most common wild cats in North America.

The area of The Enclave is also perfect for them. They like forested areas and thick underbrush.

Nature websites indicate the cats can weigh between 10 and 40 pounds and mainly hunt rabbits, but they are also known to eat rodents, birds and even adult deer.

The Homeowners Association is asking residents and neighbors to be on the lookout for the feral feline seen trolling the area.

News 2 learned they’re common for the area.

Wildlife experts said if you come in contact with a bobcat to keep your distance and back away slowly and deliberately while making loud noises. Don’t panic and run away; it could trigger a pursuit. Once you’re to safety, call animal control.

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