Facebook connects Mt. Pleasant couple with lost keys, class ring

Facebook connects Mt. Pleasant couple with lost keys, class ring (Image 1)

A set of lost keys and a class ring were returned to a Mt. Pleasant couple thanks to a post on Facebook.

Shannon and Glenda Davis were driving down Old Sunnyside Lane near State Route 243 in Columbia when they saw something shiny in the middle of the road.

The couple stopped and got out of the car to see what it was. They found a key ring with several keys, a high school class ring and customer rewards cards to local businesses attached to it.

In an effort to find the owner, the couple went to those retailers. A clerk at one of the stores was able to search computer records using the number on the card to pull up a first name and phone number.

However, the number turned out to be wrong so the couple decided to turn to Facebook.

Shannon Davis posted information about the keys online and quickly got a response from his cousin who also happened to be related to the owners of the missing keys, Rodney and Jessica Watts of Mt. Pleasant.

Davis gave the keys to the woman at a family reunion that weekend and she returned them to the owners.

Rodney said his wife’s van had broken down and when he stopped to help her he must have placed the keys on top of his pickup truck and they fell off.

He was happy they were found and even more appreciative of Glenda and Shannon Davis for taking the time to track them down.

The two couples haven’t met yet, but Rodney says he’d like to see them to say thank you in person.

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