Memphis man witnesses murder at Kentucky rest stop

Memphis man witnesses murder at Kentucky rest stop (Image 1)

A Memphis man said he witnessed a murder-suicide at a Kentucky rest stop.

Kevin Veal was driving to Ohio from Memphis for work when he pulled into the Kentucky Welcome Center, which is off Interstate 65, around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday night.

Veal said as he walked into the rest stop he spotted the gunman, who investigators identified as 39-year-old James Roames of Hendersonville.

Veal got back into his car and that is when he saw the murder.

“I see the guy who was drinking a Coke walk to the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle to the driver’s side and fired three shots into the driver’s side vehicle and walked two steps over and fired a shot to his head,” explained Veal.

The victim was 40-year-old Jamie Plymel of Spring Hill. The Navy veteran was on the phone with his wife, Stacy, when investigators said Roames shot him.

Stacy said she could hear Roames over the phone.

“I heard a man’s voice say to him, ‘Can you turn your lights off?’ in a rather authoritative type voice, and he said, ‘No, I’m sitting in my car with it running with the air on and the lights will not turn off,’” explained Stacy.

Veal, who stayed on the scene until police arrived, said it was difficult to watch Stacy as she learned that her husband had been killed.

“Just seeing her face, just seeing her break down into the sheriff’s arms, that was a tough thing,” he said.

Veal never made it to Ohio. After he witnessed the murder, he decided to head back home to Memphis to be close to his family.

He said he will now think twice before stopping at a rest stop.

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