Brown recluse activity rises during summer

Brown recluse activity rises during summer (Image 1)

People could see more spiders as the summer continues.

It turns out, the brown recluse spider is more active during the summer. They also tend to reproduce more during the warmer months.

Brown recluses are very common in the South. In fact, most homes in Tennessee have at least one or two of them living inside.

“They are a spider that is pretty much indestructible,” said Belmont University Professor of Biology Dr. Steve Murphree.

Pest control professionals can help control infestations, but it is nearly impossible to get rid of them all.

Dr. Murphree said even though the brown recluse is not a very aggressive spider, their venom can be extremely dangerous, sometimes even fatal.

The easiest way to identify one is by what looks to be a fiddle or violin on its back.

They also have only six eyes, instead of eight like most spiders.

According to Murphree, anyone who thinks they have been bitten by a brown recluse should see a doctor right away. It also helps to bring the spider, or its remains, with to the physician’s office, if possible. That will help them confirm what kind of spider it is.

If anyone sees what they believe is a brown recluse in their home, they can also take a picture and email it to an entomologist like Dr. Murphree who can identify the spider.

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