Ryman Auditorium to get new sign as part of expansion

Ryman Auditorium to get new sign as part of expansion (Image 1)

The Ryman Auditorium is expanding and part of that expansion will include a bright, digital sign in the heart of downtown Nashville.

The new sign, which will showcase events at the venue, is part of a $14 million expansion.

It will not affect the historic portion of the auditorium. It will only extend the non–historic portion, which faces 4th Avenue.

A spokeswoman with Ryman Hospitality Properties said the digital sign will be attached to the café and will face Broadway.

On Wednesday afternoon, Metro’s Historic Zoning Commission approved the proposed expansion including the digital sign.

Ryman Hospitality wanted a 236 square foot sign, but the Historic Zoning Commission decided the sign could not be bigger than 180 square feet.

It is now up to Ryman Hospitality Properties to decide if they want to move forward or submit a new design for the digital billboard.

A spokeswoman told News 2 a decision has not been made yet.

She said they plan to make the digital sign as consistent with the overall look of historic downtown as possible.

The goal is to have the expansion completed by next June.

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