Truck stuck under bridge on I-40

Truck stuck under bridge on I-40 (Image 1)

Traffic was slow on Interstate 40 west in Davidson County after a semi became stuck under a bridge Thursday.

It happened just before 10 a.m. at mile marker 213 near Arlington Avenue and Murfreesboro Pike.

Lanes of the roadway were blocked as crews worked to remove the truck.

The truck was travelling from Wyoming to North Dakota to deliver metal framework. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the oversized and over-height truck was traveling on the major interstate when it hit a bridge on Arlington Avenue along with two railway bridges owned by CSX.

Since the truck driver behind the midday traffic jam had his hands full answering questions from troopers, News 2 talked with his escort Arlee Simon.

“According to law we have to escort any over dimensional trucks,” said Simon.

The escort’s job is to make sure oversized and over-height trucks can clear bridges. They do that by driving ahead of the truck and measuring the bridges using a height pole which is attached to their truck. Simon said once he noticed his height pole made contact with the bridge he tried to alert the trucker, but it was too late.

Troopers tell us crews had to deflate the truck’s rear tires to removed it from the bridge and then refill it with air so the trucker could finally make it to his destination.

Tennessee Department of Transpiration inspectors checked the bridge and determined it was structural sound for motorists to travel on again.

The road reopened to motorists around 1:30 p.m.

The truck driver faces an over-height citation which could be as high as $1500.

The escort and the commercial carrier, the folks responsible for the load, will be financially responsible for any damage to the bridges.

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