Save Printers Alley now popular Facebook page

Save Printers Alley now popular Facebook page (Image 1)

First, there was an online petition at to save Lonnie’s Western Room, now there’s a Facebook page to save Printers Alley, which has long been home to Lonnie’s and a handful of several other nightclubs.

The Save Printers Alley page was started Wednesday in response to a proposed boutique hotel in four of the buildings touching the alley—including Lonnie’s.

News 2 learned Wednesday from a source close to the deal that the buildings are under contract with a Nashville investment group who would like find a boutique hotel operator for the site that touches the west side of Printers Alley and east side the Fourth Avenue.

Members of the investment group have not responded to questions about what they plan to do with the Printers Alley businesses if the proposed sale goes through, but News 2 learned that the businesses affected have been given notices to vacate in a few months or by November 30.

A former bartender at one of the businesses affected by the proposed sale has told News 2 she started the Save Printers Alley Facebook page “about 4:30 yesterday afternoon” after seeing initial news reports about the planned boutique hotel.

“Its one of the last unique places in Nashville,” said Kim Brooks who calls herself a regular at Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar after her years of bartending there. “Thousands of stories have come out the places in the Alley.

She cited country supergroup Rascal Flatts being discovered at Fiddle and Steel while it was the bar’s house band.

Country star Eric Church has often performed at Fiddle and Steel and calls it “his home bar” according to Brooks.

The Save Printer’s Alley Facebook page is averaging more than 100 new likes per hour since it was created Wednesday afternoon.

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