Peanut-free night allows all fans to attend Nashville Sounds game

Peanut-free night allows all fans to attend Nashville Sounds game (Image 1)

Seven-year-old Isaiah Stephens is severely allergic to several different types of nuts.

His family discovered how serious his reaction was at the age of one.

“Your whole life changes when you find out your child has a life threatening food allergy. Things you never noticed before, now you notice everywhere,” said Tanya Stephens, Isaiah’s mother.

Stephens says there are only a few restaurants where the family can eat.

She educates her son about the seriousness of his condition, but dealing with limitations can be tough.

“There’s two main struggles for people with food allergies. One is staying alive, and the other is being included. Some people take for granted the things their kids get to do, like go to a birthday party and eat the birthday cake, or going to an ice cream shop and eating an ice cream. Kids with life threatening food allergies can’t do that,” explained Stephens.

On Monday, Isaiah and his family will have the opportunity to do something they’ve never done before, attend a Sounds Game.

Staff has been cleaning seats and power washing the facility to make sure on Monday it is free from peanut residue.

No peanuts will be sold at the ball park.

Isaiah is excited.

“I’ve watched a baseball game, but I’ve never been to one. I’ve never been to a stadium before, “ said Isaiah.

Doctors say there is no treatment for peanut allergies, avoidance is the only option.

For more information on the Nashville Sounds peanut free night, visit

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