Man proposes to girlfriend while scuba diving

Man proposes to girlfriend while scuba diving (Image 1)

A Florida man used a scuba diving trip as an opportunity to propose to his girlfriend.

Alex Montgomery chose to pop the question to Lauren Schuhle underwater since scuba diving is one of their favorite activities to do together.

The couple, who met at the University of Florida, have been together for a year and a half.

According to ABC News, Montgomery decided to propose on June 12, however, everything did not go as planned.

“There was a leak in Lauren’s regulator, which made it hard for her to breathe,” Montgomery said. “Also, my dad and I had a little miscommunication, and we almost couldn’t find the ring under the water.”

His father was supposed to place a treasure chest directly under the boat for Schuhle to find, but when they got under water it was not there.

“I was so nervous. I thought I was about to watch my whole engagement proposal fall apart. I had to go back up and ask my dad where the chest was.”

They eventually found the treasure chest 50 yards away.

When Schuhle opened the chest, she found a 14-page flip book her boyfriend made by hand. It also included a poem he wrote.

After she finished looking through book, Montgomery rolled open a poster, which read: “Will you marry me?”

Although she could not speak under the water, Sculled waved her arms and gave Montgomery a hug to show that she accepted his proposal.

No wedding date has been set for the happy couple.

Watch a video of the proposal here.

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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