Businesses affected by planned boutique hotel told to move

Businesses affected by planned boutique hotel told to move (Image 1)
Businesses affected by planned boutique hotel told to move (Image 1)

Several businesses in buildings backing up to Nashville’s legendary Printer’s Alley and fronting 4th Avenue told News 2 they have been told to move in favor of plans for a boutique hotel.

Word of the the tenants being told to go comes after a source close to the deal said a group of Nashville investors plan to buy the buildings housing the Printers Alley businesses and build a hotel on the site. 

The source confirmed that the investment has the buildings under contract and could close as soon as Monday. 

“They might let us stay a little bit longer, but for now just two months is all we have,” said Aziz Ashurov, who owns Taste of Italy, one of the businesses affected on 4th Avenue.

“I am not really sure about the boutique hotel, but they are going to do something,” he added. “They want to sell this to some other party and do something with all four buildings. My attorney has been talking with them.”

Several other businesses affected including Downtown Cleaners and Kebab Gyros indicated to News 2 they had received similar letters. 

Passions for one of the businesses affected run so deep that an online petition to save Lonnie’s Western Room has been started at

Lonnie’s, along with the Brass Stables strip club are two of the businesses facing Printer’s Alleys in the four buildings that are likely to be sold.  
Members of Nashville investment group did not comment on the deal. 

The proposed boutique hotel would not be the first on the site. There was once the Utopia Hotel, but it closed in 1935.

The structure is often referred to as the Utopia Hotel building. 

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