Williamson County doctor gives up practice to help those in need

Williamson County doctor gives up practice to help those in need (Image 1)

A Williamson County doctor is giving up her practice to give medical aid to countries in need.

Dr. Terri White, who works for Tennessee Pediatrics in Thompson’s Station, is selling her home and moving half a world away.

She will spend a year working with Doctors without Borders, which is a group of medical professionals who provide medical aid to impoverished nations.

“I’ve always known about them and I wanted to do work with them, but as I said it’s hard. You get out of medical school with all of these loans and you get kind of caught up in day to day life,” said Dr. White.

White is no stranger to international missions. She worked with Operation Smile, leaving the country for weeks at a time. It was a recent trip to the Middle East that inspired her to think bigger.

“We were able to spend half a day at a refugee camp in Jordan and it had a million Syrian refugees, and that completely blew my mind. When you figure the Titans stadium holds 70,000, Metro Nashville is like a million people and just living in tents and no anything, and over half the refugees were women and children. They are the most vulnerable population, and I figured I can help. This is what I do all day, every day,” explained Dr. White.

Dr. White has no assignment yet, so she will begin her year-long journey in Mexico working for Operation Smile.

She told News 2 she may end up in South Sudan or the Middle East after that.

When asked what she plans to do when her year is up, Dr. White answered, “No idea, no idea. Come home and if I love it, save money for six months and go back.”

Dr. White’s last day at Tennessee Pediatrics is July 30th.

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