Couple charged when 4-year-old son burned, not given medical care

Couple charged when 4-year-old son burned, not given medical care (Image 1)

A Portland couple was arrested Monday after police say they didn’t seek immediate medical attention after their child was seriously burned.

Tara Crockett and Shawn Feinstein both face charges of felony child abuse and neglect.

Police told News 2 the incident happened last Thursday in their home on Dean Cross Avenue.

The couple lives without electricity and has extension cords running from a shed behind their home into their house.

Their four-year-old son tripped on one of the cords which pulled a boiling crock pot off a counter and onto the child.

The boy was scalded, receiving second degree burns on his legs.

Portland police said neither Crockett nor Feinstein took any action or made any effort to get their son medical attention.

Authorities were notified 36 hours later by the Department of Children’s Services.

News 2 spoke to the four-year-old’s uncle, Terry Feinstein, who said he and his wife were horrified when they saw the child’s injuries on Friday.

“Me and my wife were terrified when we seen [sic] the burn. We were ready to go off,” he said. “It wasn’t like [the child] wasn’t in no pain, but he is also kind of Autistic.”

Terry Feinstein said his brother tried to tell him “it just happened yesterday.”

“’Oh it just happened yesterday.’ It was really ridiculous,” he added.

Both parents reportedly admitted Friday morning they knew the child needed medical care.

News 2 caught up with Crockett, the child’s mother, as she was being taken to jail Monday.

When asked about her son’s injuries, she responded, “He got burned off soup. I know I messed up, know I should’ve taken him to the ER when it happened.”

Crockett added, “I had no way. I had no phone and I explained that to everybody.”

The four-year-old has since been released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

He and his five-year-old brother are now in the state’s custody.

Crockett and Feinstein remain jailed, charged with felony child abuse and neglect due to the severity of the burn, the age of the child and the fact that the couple didn’t act to protect the four-year-old in a swift manner, according to police.

Crockett’s bond was set at $30,000 while Feinstein’s was set at $40,000.

They are due in court August 27.

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