3-year-old saves elderly Knoxville man locked inside hot car

3-year-old saves elderly Knoxville man locked inside hot car (Image 1)

A fast-acting three-year-old in Knoxville saved the day after he rescued an older man who was stuck inside a sweltering car.

Bob King got locked inside the car Saturday in the parking of his church.

“We’ve had a little problem with the switch on this car about opening up,” he said.

Temperatures outside were on the rise, and it was even hotter inside King’s car.

Three-year-old Keith Williams happened to walk by.

“I hollered at him and he just looked at me kind of funny and I said, ‘Yeah I’m locked in here,’” King recalled.

The 68-year-old man has battled cancer, suffered from strokes and uses a pacemaker to keep his heartbeat regular.

He said he had been locked inside the car for about five minutes when he started to get nervous.

The little boy knew exactly what to do.

He went to his pastor, Jack Greene, and led him outside to the car.

Greene said little Keith kept pulling at his hand.

“I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and he said, ‘Locked! Locked!” he recalled.

According to ABC News, Greene tried several times to open the car’s door before he was finally able to.

They said King fell out of the car seat and almost hit his head on the pavement.

“His whole body was raining sweat. His face was red like a pickled beat,” Green told ABC.

It may have been his superhero shirt and his Ninja Turtle shoes that gave him special powers that day, but whatever it was, King was just thankful the three-year-old was there.

“I’m very thankful because, you know, I don’t know how long it’d been. I’d say probably another 20 minutes sitting in there if he hadn’t notified somebody,” King said.

Keith’s mom said she is proud and impress her son knew what to do.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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