Stray dog Dolly Parton vowed to adopt reunited with owner

(Courtesy: Dolly Parton)

A stray dog named after country legend Dolly Parton after it was found wandering the grounds of Glastonbury Festival has been reunited with its owner.

The country legend vowed to adopt the dog if the owners weren’t found when she learned the grounds crew named it “Dolly” and media further dubbed the mutt “Doggy Parton.”

It was found alone after London’s Glastonbury Festival, a festival in which Parton set the record for the highest attendance at 150,000.

Parton said in a video Sunday that the owners had reported the dog missing.

“I was kinda disappointed because I was going to take her home. I was going to name her Glassie for the Glastonbury Festival,” she stated.

But she said the dog is happy, the family is happy, and she’s glad the owners were reunited with their beloved pet.

Watch the video here.

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