Rutherford County woman runs car into ditch

Rutherford County woman runs car into ditch (Image 1)

A woman from Rutherford County ran her car into a ditch in Spring Hill early Friday morning.

Authorities told News 2 that Donna Howe, 59, and a small dog was stuck in a vehicle for at least three hours.

The white vehicle was found on its side on Wilkes Lane by a homeowner who was on her way to work in the area.

After the individual called 911 just after 5 a.m., police arrived, who later called fire and EMS crews for more help.

A Williamson County Sheriff’s deputy said that Howe was either asleep or unconscious when they arrived.

When Howe woke up, she told authorities that she was trying to go to McDonald’s and somehow did not know where she was.

The position she was stuck in made her unable to reach her cell phone to call police.

Crews took over 30 minutes after they attached a cable to the car to help stabilize it and get the victim out.

Animal control assisted in rescuing the dog who was stuck in the passenger side floorboard.

Howe was taken to Williamson Medical Center with minor injuries. She complained of soreness and stiffness before she was placed in an ambulance.

There was no indication of drug or alcohol use.

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