Montgomery County homeowners could see drop in property taxes

Montgomery County homeowners may see a drop in their property taxes this year.

A new certified property tax rate is $.17 lower than last year.

County Accessor of Property Errine Hester told News 2 part of the reason is how well the county is doing.

“Montgomery County has really been shielded from the economic slump that the rest of the nation has seen,” said Hester.

Clarksville and Montgomery County have consistently been ranked in the top ten of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Hester attributes that growth to military and non-military moving to be near the Ft. Campbell Army base, an increase in the number of restaurants and retail, and a growing industrial segment.

The property tax rate has dropped from $3.14 per $100,000 to $2.97 per $100,000 of accessed property.

“The $2.97 cents will bring in the same amount of revenue as $3.14 did in 2013,” Hester said.

2014 is a year for new property assessment’s. Residents began receiving those the first of June.

County commissioners will vote on the new property tax to make the final decision.


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