Dad films wife giving birth in hospital parking lot

Dad films wife giving birth in hospital parking lot (Image 1)

A father in Texas used a GoPro to film the birth of his son in a hospital parking lot.

ABC News reports that Kristin Dickerson went into labor in the middle of the night on Saturday, June 28.

Her husband, Troy, decided to strap on a GoPro as they raced to the Texas Medical Center at 95 miles per hour.

In the video, Troy tried to calm his wife as she yelled, “I can’t make it! I can’t make it. We need to stop.”

He assured her they would make it and he could deliver the baby if he needed to.

When they arrived to the hospital, Troy and a valet worker tried to get Kristin into a wheelchair and into the building, but it was too late.

Troy caught his newborn son Truett as he was born in the hospital parking lot at 2:05 a.m.

Kristin was two weeks past her due date at the time of the birth.

She was scheduled to be induced the next day at the Texas Children’s Hospital-Pavilion for Women where she works as a childbirth educator.

“I’m thrilled to have the footage,” Kristin said. “I’m more hesitant to send it to people, because it’s such an intimate moment for us, but as a birth educator, it’s really cool to let people see that our bodies know what to do.”

This is the third child for the couple. Troy also filmed the births of Turner, 4 and Tillman, 2.

To watch the video, click here.

 *ABC News contributed to this story.

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