Volunteers host field day for Nashville children in need

Volunteers host field day for Nashville children in need (Image 1)

You might not think that running a relay or playing tug-of-war could help a child in need, but Thursday dozens of children spent valuable time with area volunteers at the Bethlehem United Way Family Resource Center.

It was all part of a FRC Field Day.

“It is really good because it allows our kids to be able to do a number of different things. Work on eliminating childhood obesity, by moving through the fun and games they are doing,” said Steven Fleming, the executive director.

“It also allows the children the opportunity to interact with different cultures which is real important because we do live in a melting pot here in Nashville,” Fleming added.

The field day is also special for the Middle Tennessee volunteers.

“They are giving me high fives. One of the little boys said, ‘Hey did you watch me? I just got that pin down, all 10 of them,’” said Julia Kellett , a volunteer.

The event also provided volunteers with an opportunity to get to know the children who will benefit from the Stuff the Bus drive.

Volunteers will fill thousands of backpacks with school supplies to give to area children.

“Many of the children and families we serve at our family resource centers, they come from single parent households. They have multiple kids in the house holds. It’s a hardship on a single mom. But these kinds of events help those families. Life is a little bit better for them and they can save a few dollars,” said Fleming.

If you would like more information on how you can participate in the Stuff the Bus program visit UnitedWayNashville.org

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