Security everywhere precedes nation’s governors in Nashville

Security everywhere precedes nation's governors in Nashville (Image 1)

A downtown Nashville hotel is suddenly one of the most secure places in the country.

That’s because beginning Thursday the Omni Nashville is hosting the twice yearly meeting of the National Governors Association (NGA).

Anyone driving along Fourth and Fifth avenues or Korean Veterans Boulevard can’t help but notice blue lights, police dogs, law enforcement officers and law enforcement vehicles ringing the giant hotel.

Inside the Omni Nashville Hotel is even more eye-catching as Tennessee Highway Troopers and plain clothes security personnel seem to be everywhere.

For security reasons, the NGA won’t say how many of the nation’s governors actually attend the four-day event, but we do know that more than half of the Omni’s 800 rooms are occupied by those attending the conference.

While many of the nation’s governors gathering in one place merits security, so does a scheduled address at the conference Friday from Vice President Joe Biden.

“We wondered what was going on,” said Seattle tourist Larry Bronson, who is also staying at the Omni with his wife and two children. “Kind of figured something was happening.”

The NGA will have day-long seminars and meetings where the governors and their staffs essentially share ideas and compare notes on things ranging from Medicaid costs to Homeland Security.

The Biden visit could provide some headaches for drivers tomorrow.

Numerous streets from West End and around downtown will have bagged meters.

Metro Police warn that violators will be towed.

Drivers will also face some temporary Interstate closures when the Vice-President makes his way from the Nashville Int’l Airport into the downtown area for the address to the NGA. 

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