Church sign has Ohio city split over message

Church sign has Ohio city split over message (Image 1)

A church sign in Toledo, Ohio is drawing a lot of attention.

While this wouldn’t always be a bad thing, Hampton Park Christian Church is getting mixed reactions from those in the town.

The sign reads, “Firefighters rescue, Only Jesus Saves.”

According to ABC 13, the sign has been up about a month and the church’s reverend says they’ve only gotten one complaint over the phone.

Juan Wells, a Toledo resident, hasn’t called and complained, but the sign has angered him.

“They save lives everyday,” Wells, the grandson of a retired firefighter said. “I think it’s insulting because firefighters do jobs most people wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t want to run up in a burning house.”

One person on Facebook said they were “appalled” and pointed out that the church is just a half-mile from a fire station.

However, there are those that like the sign’s message. Janice Carson, a minister, says the sign is inspirational.

“I thought it was a real cool sign,” Carson said. “I don’t know how we’d get along without them, but they’re talking about from the spiritual. Jesus Christ is the savior of our souls.”

What do you think about the sign? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, WKRN-TV.

*ABC 13 contributed to this report.

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