Brothers reunited 37 years after being separated

Brothers reunited 37 years after being separated (Image 1)

Two brothers in the Army hugged for the first time in 37 years earlier this month.

The last time Sgt. Maj. Raul Sierra and Army Sgt. Louis Sierra saw each other, they were three or four years old and living in a Brooklyn, New York.

“We’re like grown men now. You’re meeting a grown man, but that’s also your blood brother,” Louis, now 40, told ABC News of the encounter. “I never know what to do. Should I cry? Is that not manly though?”

The brothers told reporters their parents’ drug and alcohol addiction led to being separated at childhood.

Maj. Raul Sierra returned from a nine-month deployment in Kuwait to Fort Carson, Colorado, when his brother, Louis Sierra, was waiting to meet him with open arms.

The boys have another brother and a sister who are also in the military.

“I joined the military in ’94. It was always a scavenger hunt when I went back to New York to find family because they were scattered everywhere,” Raul recalled. “But no one ever knew where Louis was at.”

Around 2008 or 2009, Louis said, he was on deployment when their brother, who is in the Navy, found him on Myspace and helped reconnect him with Raul. They kept in constant contact over social media and made plans to get together.

The two had made a few plans to connect but the plans always fell through.

The two hope to finally get together with their other brother and their sister, with whom they also reconnected over social media.

They also have a half-brother and half-sister.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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