3-year-old cancer patient becomes sheriff deputy

3-year-old cancer patient becomes sheriff deputy (Image 1)

A three-year-old battling stage four brain cancer was named the “nation’s youngest special sheriff deputy.”

Wyatt Schmaltz suffers from neuroblastoma, a form of brain cancer that usually affects children five-years-old and younger. He was diagnosed in April and has undergone several chemotherapy treatments.

According to ABC News, a special ceremony was held for Wyatt Wednesday at the Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, where he is undergoing treatment.

County Sheriff Terry Stoffehel dubbed the little boy “Deputy Wyatt.” He also gave him a badge, a certificate and a police shirt made to fit him.

“We have given Wyatt all the powers of a real Sheriff Deputy, which are to carry out the orders of the Sheriff,” Stoffehel said in a statement. “Right now, his only orders are to get better.”

The sheriff’s department had originally planned to host Wyatt at a local camp run by different law enforcement personnel, but they changed their plans after he returned to the hospital with an infection.

Wyatt’s mother, April, said she was overwhelmed by the actions of the officers.

“It’s very touching that they would all do this for him,” she said. “When he sees all the support, it makes him stronger.”

According to his mother, Wyatt was most excited about the police badge since he likes to arrest his older brothers.

He also used the badge to tell a nurse who was taking his blood that she was under arrest.

Wyatt is expected to be released from the hospital Friday, but he will undergo surgery later to remove a tumor in his abdomen and stem cell treatments.

 *ABC News contributed to this story.

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