Police: Man abused boy by holding him upside down, shaking him

Dad arrested for taking infant son to drug deal (Image 1)

A Kentucky man was arrested after allegations came to light that he abused his girlfriend’s four-year-old boy.

Franklin police stated they began investigating Brian Fuller on June 18 when they received a complaint regarding the alleged child abuse.

The child reportedly arrived to a family member’s residence with bruising under the eyes, swelling around the nose and a headache.

The family member took the child to a local hospital and contacted the Department of Community Based Services.

Police said the child was immediately removed from Fuller’s home.

Through the investigation, authorities learned the 38-year-old man physically abused the child by holding the four-year-old upside down by his ankles and shaking him.

Fuller is also accused of playing a game called “slap boxing” during which he assaulted the child in the face.

The child’s mother, Jennifer Douglas, who was in a relationship with Fuller, reportedly told police she witnessed the four-year-old being abused and did not intervene or report the abuse.

Police stated she was covered in bruises over half her body and they learned she had also been abused by Fuller.

He is now charged with child abuse, wanton endangerment and domestic violence.

Douglas faces charges of failure to report child abuse.

Both were booked into the Simpson County jail.

The Department of Community Based Services is seeking permanent placement of the child into foster care.

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