10 Rutherford Co. sheriff’s employees recognized for saving lives

10 Rutherford Co. sheriff's employees recognized for saving lives (Image 1)

Ten Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office employees were recognized by Sheriff Robert Arnold for saving lives.

Sheriff Arnold presented Life Savers pins to the employees during a ceremony Wednesday at the sheriff’s office. The ceremony included friends, family and citizens that were rescued.

“He deserves it, he saved my life,” Lavenia Woodall explained as she approaches the anniversary of when officer Rigsby saved her life.

Woodall said she had a heart attack and had died when Rigsby stopped at her house on his own account after hearing the call on his scanners.

“When they got there they figured I had been dead about five minutes. I kept passing away so he ended up driving the ambulance, so both the paramedics could be in the back with me,” she exaplined.

“I have had this smile on my face all day because I wanted him to be recognized somehow other than me thanking him and other people thanking him and my family,” Woodall added.

The mother of two and grandmother of five says she couldn’t be more grateful.

“I pray for him every day, every day. I am truly friends with him now,” Woodall told News 2.

Other recipients of the Life Saver Awards include Sgt. Whit Davis, SRO Shane Vaughn, SRO Michael Martin, Cpl. Josh Anderson, Deputy Michael Sparkman, Deputy Katy Black, SRO Greg King, SRO Matt Powell, SRO Matt Roe and Sgt. Lee Young.

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