WWII veteran befriends preschooler

WWII veteran befriends preschooler (Image 1)

A two-year-old Minnesota boy has formed a friendship with a WWII War Vet who lives next door to him.

In nearly a decade, Bryan and Anika Rychner had very little interaction with their elderly next door neighbor until last year when their son Emmett decided to visit Erling Kindem.

According to WFAA, Emmett and the 89-year-old World War II veteran Kindem bonded over his tomato garden.

“Every time he saw me out there he would come running over,” recalled Kindem.

Soon the two were racing lawn mowers in the front yard, with Emmett’s of course, being a toy.

Erling prepared an old bike from his garage for the preschooler one day that even his mother thought that he wouldn’t get on.

After a couple of failed attempts, the two were riding down the alley together.

Anika wondered if the friendship between the two would last through the winter with absence of the tomato garden until one day she noticed Erling snow blowing a path from his backdoor to theirs.

Sadly, the two friends will have to part soon at the Rychner’s are moving to a bigger house for their family.

With Erling’s 90th birthday approaching he is planning to move to a senior apartment as well.

The parting will be tough, but goodbye will have to do for now as Emmett will forever remember Erling and all the things he taught him.

*WFAA contributed to this story.

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