Woman learns serial killer lived in home while watching TV show

Woman learns serial killer lived in home while watching TV show (Image 1)

A Missouri woman learned a serial killer used to live in the home where she resides after she watched a documentary about murderers.

ABC News reports Catrina McGhaw had no idea the home had such a sinister past when she signed a lease last March.

It belongs to the Travis family, whose son, Maury Travis, is believed to have killed 12 to 20 women in the basement of the home.

His mother, Sandra Travis, is McGhaw’s landlord.

McGhaw said Sandra Travis made no mention of the case or the bodies her son allegedly kept in the basement before his arrest in 2002.

She made the discovery on her own after a friend told her to watch a documentary on TV about serial killers.

McGhaw was ultimately able to get out of her lease. Cheryl Lovell, the executive direction of the St. Louis Housing Authority, helped her through the process.

“Initially, the landlord was not willing to let her break her lease, but we talked with her and eventually the landlord agreed to rescind the lease,” Lovell said.

She continued, “In this state, there is no duty to disclose. Other states there are, but mostly that is for selling houses.”

Maury Travis was never charged in any of the slayings. Police, however, found him after he wrote a letter to a local newspaper boasting about 17 victims and a map of where one of the bodies was buried.

ABC News states officers were able to trace the map to his computer.

Travis was charged with two counts of kidnapping, but took his own life inside his jail cell less than a month after his arrest.

Local police searched his home and found makeshift cells in the basement and videos of him tormenting women before tying them up to a wooden beam in the basement.

The beam still stands today.

In another video, authorities stated Travis is shown wrapping a belt around one victim’s neck and snapping it.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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