Wife accused of dragging man by car, Man says it’s his fault

Wife accused of dragging man by car, Man says it's his fault (Image 1)

A man says he was to blame when he was severely injured after police said he was likely dragged by his wife’s car in Murfreesboro on Sunday.

Richard Karl told News 2 he purposefully jumped on top of his wife Kelly’s car to prevent her from leaving their home and was injured when he fell off.

“She didn’t do nothing wrong. I did. If anybody, I should have been the one to go to jail not her,” said Richard.

He suffered broken ribs and a broken shoulder, among other minor lacerations and bruises.

According to a police report, Kelly Karl said the couple was arguing because Richard had been drinking.

“Because I am a recovering alcoholic, and a long time ago my wife told me , ‘One more drop and me and the kids are gone,’” Richard said.

“I know when I get on whiskey how I get and I should have known better,” he continued.

Despite Richard Karl’s claim his injuries were his fault, his 44-year-old wife was ultimately charged with aggravated domestic assault and booked into the Rutherford County jail.

Police said they believe Kelly hit her husband and dragged him a short distance because of the severity of his injuries and the markings on her car.

In the police report, officers said they have “probable cause to believe Mrs. Karl was the primary aggressor.”

Kelly Karl reportedly told police she never hit her husband and that he never jumped on top of her car.

Richard said he spoke with police but while he was in the hospital and wasn’t conscious and alert. He doesn’t remember what he told them.

“Police are just doing their job. They are doing what they have to do but, they didn’t see it they don’t know what happened,” said Richard.

News 2 asked police if they plan to interview Richard again now that he is in fact conscious and alert, but so far they have not responded.

Kelly Karl is currently out on bond.

Richard said he and his wife are not allowed to have any contact with each other for 10 days. He said she is currently staying with her brother.

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