Recess to be reviewed in Metro Schools

Recess to be reviewed in Metro Schools (Image 1)

A Metro Nashville school board member has asked the board to review how many hours of recreation and physical activity during a typical school week.

Board member Amy Frogge told News 2 the state has a 90-minute rule, but those hours can include activity in classrooms and other times where some activity is required.

“Schools are suffering from a national fixation on standardized test score the the detriment of healthy child development and social and emotional learning,” said Frogge.

“There is ample research indicating that recess, physical activity and unstructured free play are not only critical to healthy development, but also reduce behavioral problems and boost student achievement,” she explained.

Metro schools spokesman Joe Bass told News 2 the board will conduct an audit to learn how recess is handled in metro school districts.

“We know that a lot of our schools do have recess. We don’t know for how long or what time of the day or how often. We know some of our schools don’t. So we’ll just have to see what our schools are doing and what the results of that study are, and try to come up with some best practices,” Bass said.

He explained that there are also a lot of teachers who may incorporate physical activity into their lessons.

“I can think of one called math and movement where students do lots of jumping and standing and moving and clapping and jumping around the room to learn math skills,” Bass stated.

He said currently, the hours are left up to the principal to decide.

Frogge said she wants a Metro standard number of hours of recess that must be offered. She also told News 2 that she believes there is enough support in the state legislature to possibly raise the standards for recess across the state.

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