Memorial statue of abused boy not allowed to use Superman logo

Memorial statue of abused boy not allowed to use Superman logo (Image 1)

The company that owns Superman is refusing to allow the superhero’s logo to adorn a memorial statue of a Canadian boy who died when his grandparents starved him to death.

According to The Canadian Press, Jeffrey Baldwin loved the superhero. His Superman costume was always his favorite outfit.

His teenage parents lost custody to his maternal grandparents, but before that, Jeffrey was very energetic.

“He wanted to fly,” Baldwin told the Canadian Press. “He tried jumping off the chair. We had to make him stop. He dressed up (as Superman) for Halloween one year…He was so excited. I have that picture at home hanging on my wall. He was our little man of steel.”

Jeffrey died just six weeks before his sixth birthday after being starved to death by his grandparents. They were convicted of second-degree murder four years later.

When Todd Boyce heard Jeffrey’s story about his life and untimely death, he wanted to do something to pay tribute to the young boy. He raised money to build a state of the boy and he recruited a local artist to do the sculpting.

However, DC Comics will not grant Boyce and his artist to use Superman’s famous logo on the statue.

Boyce said that DC did not feel comfortable having Superman associated with child abuse. He said that he was very upset and emotional when he heard back from the company, but later changed his stance.

“I realized that the most important thing is to have a fitting monument for Jeffrey, that it’s about him,” Boyce told The Canadian Press. “To be fair to DC I don’t think they wanted to say no. I think they gave it serious thought.”

Instead of donning the famous “S” on the chest, Jeffrey’s statue will instead have a “J.”

The statue should be ready by September. All that is left to do is change the logo and cast the mold in bronze.

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