Escorts wanted for burglary, theft after man refuses to pay for sex

Escorts wanted for burglary, theft after man refuses to pay for sex (Image 1)

An escort situation in Goodlettsville escalated to a car being vandalized and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise being stolen.

Police told News 2 it all began when a man refused to pay for sex on June 15.

The man reportedly used to solicit sex from two women, identified as Shannon Peavy and Kristin Davis, at his sister’s empty home in an upscale Goodlettsville neighborhood.

According to police, however, the man, who family members said is developmentally disabled, ran away from the home after the transaction was “complete” without paying.

“He ran from his home because he was afraid they were going to beat him up,” Detective Stan Hilgadiack said.

Authorities said Peavy and Davis then broke into his sister’s home and stole $9,000 in merchandise, including a crystal watch, diamond earrings, a Samsung Galaxy and Gucci shoes.

One of the women reportedly keyed the words “PAY UP” into a 1965 Chevy Impala. The damage is estimated to be around $2,500.

The man’s sister, who wasn’t home at the time of the alleged incident, took it upon herself to get her belongings back, using to locate the women and convince them to return her property.

“Not something to do on your own. It’s dangerous,” Det. Hilgadiack noted.

Peavy and Davis are both in police custody.

The man himself, however, is not being charged in the case.

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