Burglars break through roof, burrow through walls on Bell Road

Burglars break through roof, burrow through walls on Bell Road (Image 1)

Thieves broke through a roof in order to gain access to a shopping center in the Priest Lake area overnight Monday.

A few different businesses in the 3600 block of Bell Road were affected.

The manager of La Hacienda, Javier Gonzalez, told News 2 he didn’t have the best of wake up calls Tuesday morning.

“The manager of the shopping center called about 6:00 this morning and said somebody was robbing, breaking in,” Gonzalez said.

Once he got inside the restaurant, he found the safe was cleaned out.

Burglars had broken through the roof to gain access and torn through a wall to get to the business next door, New Star Nail Salon.

“They came in from the Mexican place and kept going,” said Charles Nguyen with New Star.

They then tore through walls until their reached Starkeys Bait Shop.

Unfortunately for the burglars, the owners were inside along with their beloved German Shepherd named Penny.

“I guess they were getting ready to knock the wall back there when I heard it,” said Barbara Starkey, the owner’s wife. “So she starts barking and going in circles. I know something is wrong.”

She called 911 immediately while her husband prepared to handle the situation himself.

“My husband was trying to get his gun. I called him Barney Fife. He couldn’t get his one bullet,” Barbara Starkey said.

He had a backup plan, though.

“The one gun I had a problem with, but the one in my pocket was loaded,” Mr. Starkey said.

This marks the third time recently robbers gained access through a roof.

The other two were in Donelson and Hermitage.

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