Cell phones to be checked by TSA on some international flights

Cell phones to be checked by TSA on some international flights (Image 1)

The TSA announced that agents will ask passengers on some international flights to the United States to prove their cell phone is working.

The directive is aimed at preventing another terrorist attack using airplanes.

The TSA said in a release that only certain airports will be affected flying international directly to the U.S.

Steven Moore and a group of missionaries from Jackson said they were told about the new regulation while checking in at Nashville International Airport.

“We knew there was the possibility if we could not power up our devices, whether it’s a tablet or a cell phone, we’d have to turn them in,” he said. 

“To tell you the truth, we have no problem with that,” Moore added.

In the release, the TSA stated there is information that terrorists from Yeman or Syria may be planning another attack and could use smartphone-like devices to get past security.

Agents will ask passengers on certain flights to turn on their devices to prove they’re actual cell phones. Any device that will not turn on will be surrendered and the passenger could be detained and subject to an additional search.

While the new regulation doesn’t affect passengers on domestic flights, some TSA agents are asking travelers to turn on their device or laptop to show that they are working devices.

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