Dolly Parton vows to adopt stray dog found after Glastonbury Festival

(Courtesy: Dolly Parton)

Country legend Dolly Parton plans to adopt a dog found wandering alone after her performance in London at the Glastonbury Festival.

According to a release, the fluffy white dog was found after crews cleaned the acres of land used for the festival.

After the crowds exceeded 150,000 for Parton’s performance, media reported it was the largest viewing audience ever at Glastonbury.

The dog was then named Dolly after the superstar, and later dubbed “Doggy Parton” by the media after a massive search for its owner began.

After hearing of the news, Parton stated that if the pup’s original owners are not found, she plans to adopt her.

“I had my manager Danny Nozell call the Happy Landings Animal Shelter to make sure the dog is being treated and cared for properly,” said Parton.

She said at this time, no one has claimed the dog, but it remains in great hands at the shelter.

“I will take the dog home to America if nobody claims her within a reasonable of time,” Parton added.

The country superstar issued a little announcement about her plans to adopt “Doggy Parton” on YouTube. Watch the video here.

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