New DMV program gets off to rocky start

New DMV program gets off to rocky start (Image 1)

A new pilot program at the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles has gotten off to a rocky start.

The program, called Join the Line, started two months ago.

It allows users to get a “virtual number” online and set a place in line.

Once signed in, it estimates wait times.

The program is only offered at the Franklin DMV and Centennial branch in Nashville.

Officials admit, it was not promoted and many people had no idea they could sign up from home or their smartphone.

Petra Sfetcu was one of those people. She and her husband got in line one hour before the Centennial Boulevard DMV opened.

She said a dozen or more people were ahead of her doing the same thing, making the line wrap all the way around the building.

About an hour later, Sfetcu was shocked when officials invited people from the back of the line into the building ahead of those who had been waiting for hours.

“Nobody knew about this virtual queue,” she stated.

Alexa Smothers, who is new to Tennessee, also did not find out about the program until she arrived at the office.

“I wish I had signed in online because I have been here six hours,” she stated.

Melissa McLeod is a district manager at the Centennial branch.

She acknowledged that the program has the potential to speed things up, but it had a rocky start.

“I think we are doing a better job of actually explaining it to the customer. Today it is working much better than two months ago. It will help with customers wait times so they don’t have to sit in the station. They can go to lunch or do business and they won’t be stuck.”

People who have joined online seem happy with the new system.

DMV officials said people who do not have smartphones or Internet can go to the station when the doors open at 8:30 a.m. and use a computer terminal.

This will allow them to log on and get in the virtual line.

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