Facebook group changes the way Brentwood residents shop

Facebook group changes the way Brentwood residents shop (Image 1)

A private Facebook group is changing the way people in the Brentwood area shop.

It is called Brentwood Buy, Sell, Trade.

The Facebook group has been growing by leaps and bounds. On Thursday it reached the 5,000 member mark.

“We certainly never expected it to be this large,” said Allison Meadows, who is the administrator for the group.

Meadows started the service with two of her best friends from high school, Kim Hicklen and Jennifer Matwijec.

They are all busy moms who wanted to sell things they no longer used, but did not have time to organize a yard sale.

So, it started with a few pictures of their own items and blossomed into a buzzing online network with thousands of members constantly refreshing the feed with pictures of gently used, designer and upscale furniture, home décor, children’s items and more.

The group has become so popular, a stranger even approached Meadows about it, not realizing who she was.

“I had someone stop me in the mall because she saw me with my twins,” said Meadows. “She said, ‘Have you ever heard of this sight Brentwood Buy, Sell Trade?’ I started laughing and, of course, my husband ratted me out and said, ‘Oh, she runs it.’”

Meadows attributed the success of the site to a long list of rules.

First, it is local and for women only. To be a member, users must live in Brentwood or the surrounding area.

There is no shipping on Brentwood Buy, Sell Trade, only in person pick-up. The minimum sale price is $10. Meadows told News 2 the site is similar to an“upscale yard sale.”

In addition to finding a profitable way to relinquish things they no longer want, the women said it provided a great way to network with new friends and old ones.

Matwijec recently sold a pair of sunglasses to her high school Spanish teacher.

“It was awesome. We met in the parking lot of Brentwood High and we talked forever and she loved the site and had sold a lot.”

Some sales do not always go so well though, and Hicklen points out that the group is essentially a classified ads page on Facebook.

“We’re not Nordstrom as much as I’d love to be and have an awesome return policy, but that’s just not part of it.”

There are no refunds, but there are plenty of exchanges on Brentwood Buy, Sell, Trade.

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