Springfield woman looks for answers in husband’s shooting death

Springfield woman looks for answers in husband's shooting death (Image 1)

A woman in Springfield is looking for answers in her husband’s death.

Johlita Magee was reluctant to talk about what happened the night her husband was murdered. She spoke with News 2 because she hopes a witness will help police find the killer who left her young children without a father.

“He was a kind, loving hearted person. He worked at Hardee’s here in Springfield and he was a father of three,” said Magee.

She said on the night of Saturday, June 21, she was at a birthday party near Clarksville with her husband, 23-year-old Ralphthaniel.

Magee said early Sunday morning two of their friends got into a fight at an event held at a public venue. The fight escalated and spilled outdoors.

Police believe that is when two or three suspects began shooting, killing Ralphthaniel. Two other women were grazed by bullets and drove themselves to nearby hospitals for treatment.

By the time authorities arrived, Ralphthaniel was dead.

Magee said police do not have any big leads in the case.

“I know someone there had to have seen something,” she said.

Magee wants people to know the kind of man her husbands was.

“He treated me like a queen. I am going to miss everything about him.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about the shooting to call 931-648-0611 and ask for Sgt. Steve Heise.

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