Murfreesboro men arrested for shooting fireworks at patrol cars

Murfreesboro men arrested for shooting fireworks at patrol cars (Image 1)

Two men were arrested in Murfreesboro on Tuesday for allegedly shooting fireworks off at patrol cars.

Javoseia Gooch and Demarcus Voorhies were spotted by police near the intersection of University and State streets.

Fireworks were then seen hitting various patrol vehicles in the area.

When police asked the suspects to stop, they fled on foot, attempting to break a gate in the process.

Police caught up Gooch and Voorhies at a dead end, where they were arrested for vandalism and resisting arrest.

Gooch told News 2 Thursday that he did not resist arrest nor did he ever have fireworks.

“When I was running through there he told me to get on the ground. I said, ‘For what? I haven’t done anything,” Gooch said. “He said, ‘Get down or I am going to Taser you,’ so I got down and he started stepping on my back.”

Gooch’s mother said she asked the officers to take their foot off of his back and her other son Javaria Miles said the same thing.

Police said in their arrest report that during the incident, Miles approached the officers and attempting to incite a riot.

His mother said that did not happen.

“He said, ‘What are you doing to my little brother?’” Veronica Gooch said. “The man was like book him on a 15.”

She added, “For what he didn’t do nothing.”

Javoseia Gooch said other teens in the neighborhood were firing fireworks at them and those are the ones who likely hit the police patrol cars.

“We started running because they started shooting fireworks they had shot like three times before the cops showed up,” he said. “I didn’t do nothing I am innocent until proven guilty.”

Murfreesboro police said the situation was very dangerous for officers who were called to the neighborhood by people complaining about the fireworks.

“We should celebrate the fourth, but I don’t think we should celebrate and be putting people’s lives in jeopardy,” Major Clyde Adkison said. “You have a lot of people out there and police officers can’t watch everybody.”

He continued, “Thank goodness the majority of the public knows we are there keeping them safe.”

Gooch and Voorhies were booked into the Rutherford County jail on $9,000 bond each.

Miles was booked into the Rutherford County jail on $2,000 bond.

All three men were released on Wednesday after posting bond.

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