Metro Codes cites company for parking cars over 6-inch curb

Metro Codes cites company for parking cars over 6-inch curb (Image 1)

The city has taken action against a parking company that was found pulling cars over a six inch curb near the airport.

Last week, News 2 reported Flight Park was using the parking lot off Donelson Pike as an overflow lot for airport customers whenever their usual parking lots became full.

The lot in question had no driveway or cut in the curb for vehicles, which were being parked in the grass after they were driven over the curb.

After the issue came to light last week, the company stopped driving cars over the curb, which is now blocked with a number of large rocks.

The lot is still being used, but cars are driven through an adjacent lot as opposed to over the curb.

The Metro Codes Department also gave Flight Park a citation because it’s a violation for companies to park cars in lots without a cut in.

The violation is under section 16.24.330 that states vehicles must be parked on a paved or graveled area other than a sidewalk.

Bill Penn, director of Metro Codes, also told News 2 the property is currently not even permitted to be used as a parking lot. It’s zoned for industrial or warehouse use.

Flight Park is now weighing its options of building a driveway.

Metro Public Works officials indicated to News 2 that there is a lot to consider when building a cut-in to a curb, the first of which is building a driveway.

Construction and installation plans are required before a company even applies for the permission to do so, and it must include a traffic and engineering study.

There’s a possibility that other Metro departments could be involved as well in case there are drainage or water concerns.

Once the construction is permitted, Flight Park would have one year to build the driveway and cut in before receiving a formal inspection.

By phone, Flight Park’s owner Eric Lowman said he did not realize he had been cited for a codes violation until News 2 mentioned it, but will do whatever it takes so his company obeys the law.

“If there’s anything that is not being done properly, then we won’t be parking cars there,” he said.

He added, “It’s pretty simple. If we are not allowed to do it, we won’t do it. I thought we were within our rights to park in our parking lot. If that’s not the case, we won’t do it. I never realized there was an issue there. I appreciate you pointing it out to us.”

Flight Park has until July 9 to take corrective action.

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