Good Samaritan bends door of burning SUV to rescue driver

Good Samaritan bends door of burning SUV to rescue driver (Image 1)

 A Good Samaritan quickly came to the help of a motorist who was trapped inside a burning SUV on a Minnesota roadway.

Bob Renning told ABC News he and his girlfriend noticed flames under the 2006 Chevy Trailblazer and attempted to get driver Michael Johannes’ attention.

With Johannes’ car doors locked and power windows not working, Johannes was unable to get out of the burning vehicle.

“The taillights started flashing without control. The brakes stopped working; the speed calculator went to zero. The electronics just got messed up,” Johannes said.

Renning quickly pulled over, while his girlfriend called 911.

Upon nearing the burning SUV Renning saw Johannes frantically beating and kicking the driver side window in an effort to escape the car.

Acting on instinct, Renning grabbed the door frame while bracing his foot against the door and pulled. The door frame soon bent in half and the glass shattered.

“It just happened all so fast. It was like a movie,” Renning recalled.

Johannes climbed out of the vehicle’s window with Renning’s help.

Johannes, who was was stiff, bruised and sustained minor cuts from the glass, said the 52-year-old man saved his life.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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