Maury County man’s home ransacked during his funeral

Maury County man's home ransacked during his funeral (Image 1)

Thieves burglarized the home of a Maury County man the same day he was laid to rest after a 15-year battle with cancer.

Detectives said there’s a good chance the thieves knew when Elmer Gray’s funeral would be last Thursday because he lived in Summertown, about 70 miles southwest of Nashville, his entire life.

Everyone knew the 80-year-old, so they therefore knew that he had passed and that his home would be empty at that particular time.

His daughter, Debbie Skeleton, was beside herself with grief as she took News 2 through Gray’s home after the break-in.

“You could’t hurt my daddy anymore,” she said. “My daddy was a good man. He deserved better than this.”

She said the burglars went through everything Gray owned.

“And to me, that is a disgrace,” Skeleton added.

Drawers were opened, items were tossed around the rooms, and canceled checks were ripped apart.

A flat screen TV was also stolen, along with Gray’s cancer medicine and a sentimental clock.

The wind-up clock was given by Gray to his wife 60 years ago on their wedding day. It was over 150 years old.

“That’s the lowest of the low. That’s like picking flowers off a man’s grave,” Skeleton said.

Unfortunately, there were no witnesses to the crime.

Gray lived in the woods behind a fenced-in driveway with a lock, but the lock had been cut.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Maury County Sheriff’s Department at 931-380-5733.

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