Concern for fate of Music Row grows amidst talks of development

Concern for fate of Music Row grows amidst talks of development (Image 1)

It’s an area known for creating music, but lately, when you head to Music Row you may experience a different sound.

“There is certainly an element of uncertainty to it,” said Dave Pomeroy, the President with the Nashville Musicians Association AFM Local 257.

All of the construction as of late concerns him and others in the industry who wonder what will the area look like in the near future.

“Every single change that happens here changes the landscape of Music Row,” he said.

Brentwood developer Tim Reynolds has since said he will only buy the property if the studio can be preserved during redevelopment.

But now the question is raised: what happens if someone else buys it?

“It’s a great sort of thriving cross-section of what Nashville is becoming,” said Brandon Knox, a broker with the Knox Group with Zeitlin and Co. Realtors.

He said change is inevitable in the thriving area, but only to a certain extent.

“There is also a very strong desire from all of us in this profession to find the balance between expanding, growing, keeping up with towns like Austin and Atlanta, but also keeping what makes Nashville, Nashville, and that nice historic area,” he said.

Musician Ben Folds, who rents RCA Studio A, is leading the charge to save the historic recording spot and area.

He spoke at a meeting Monday with more than 100 people in attendance, and once Studio A was saved from destruction, he announced on his Twitter the new focus will be “Save Music Row.”

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