Nashville man lists Michael Jackson’s ‘favorite’ chair on eBay

Michael Jackson chair

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Five years after the death of Michael Jackson, a makeup-stained chair from the bedroom where the pop star died is for sale once again.

The antique chair once sat next to Jackson’s bed in his rented Los Angeles mansion until his death on June 25, 2009.

It now belongs to Brian Mayes, a Nashville-area businessman who lives in Spring Hill.

Michael Jackson chair
The chair can be seen next to Jackson’s bed in crime scene photos taken by the LAPD the day he died. (Courtesy: LAPD)

“It was his favorite chair, according to Paris Jackson,” Mayes told News 2.

In 2011, furniture from Jackson’s Holmby Hills home was auctioned off online. However, the auction company made no mention of the pop star’s name.

“Nobody really knew what they were selling. It was just some old guy’s stuff as far as most buyers were concerned,” Mayes told News 2.

Mayes said he was tipped off ahead of time that the auction was Jackson’s belongings.

He said he identified some key pieces, specifically the chair which was made infamous by crime scene photos shown during the trial of Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray.

The chair also has a stain believed to be makeup spilled by the star as he sat in front of a mirror.

Michael Jackson chair
The chair has a stain believed to be makeup spilled by Michael Jackson himself.

“The chair was our number one choice. We were sure that someone would come in with a lot more money that we were willing to put up,” said Mayes

Mayes declined to say how much he and his wife actually paid for the chair, but called it “a good investment piece,” one that he now hopes to sell.

It’s currently listed on eBay for $30,000.

The chair has been a conversation piece in Mayes’ home for three years. During that time, the chair has remained covered and no one has been allowed to sit in it.

Mayes said he would like to see the chair end up with fan of Jackson’s.

“It’s a piece of rock and roll history and it’s the lone witness to Michael’s death. It’s a fascinating little piece,” Mayes told News 2.

The 10-day auction ends this week.

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