Musicians rally to save historic Studio A

Musicians rally to save historic Studio A (Image 1)

Many of Nashville’s musicians, producers and engineers gathered at the legendary RCA Studio A Monday to rally in support of a grassroots movement to save the studio from being destroyed.

Studio A has and continues to record music by artists of all genres.

It is for sale, and the musicians fear a new owner could tear it down to build something new.

Multi-platinum artist Ben Folds is the main tenant of Studio A and is leading the effort to preserve it.

“I think people appreciate the music industry has gone through a lot of changes and there is one city that is built on music, economically and socially, and that is Nashville,” he told a packed studio.

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the rally

“At this point, we’re hitting a tipping point,” Folds explained. “You’ve heard the number of buildings that anyone would die to have just to bring in tourists, if nothing else, and we’re just knocking them down left and right.”

Brentwood developer Tim Reynolds and his company Bravo Development have a contract on the property, but said over the weekend that it is their intention to preserve Studio A and build around it.

Folds and other artists, such as country singer Deana Carter, aren’t comfortable taking the chance the studio could be torn down.

“Nashville is a wonderful place and we want to share it with the world, but we also don’t want to lose ourselves in the process,” said Carter, who signed a petition to be sent to Nashville city leaders.

Studio A has recorded artists including The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Miranda Lambert, Bob Seger and Kesha.

“This is a working studio,” said country music singer Jim Lauderdale. “I did half my new record in here not too long ago and I couldn’t even get to finish it when I needed to because they’re so busy here. They’re doing great business.”

Folds told the 100-plus people in the crowd that they’ll use social media to get the word out, and will take the petition to “the grown ups” at city hall.

For more information, visit the Facebook page for Music Industry Coalition.

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